3 FEB 2022

17 MAY




“Audrey Magee has written a lyrical, rich, and emotionally powerful novel that artfully weaves a sense of dislocation and isolation with the burdens of history and imperialism. The Colony comes alive like a brooding and beautiful canvas painted off the Irish coast.”
— DOMINIC SMITH, author of 'The Last Painting of Sara de Vos'
“The Colony is a brilliant novel, a subtle and thoughtfully calibrated commentary about the nature and balance of power between classes, cultures, genders. There is violence here, but, most impressively, Audrey Magee captures that more insidious cruelty—the kind masked as protection, as manners.”
— MARY BETH KEANE, author of 'Ask Again, Yes'
“A careful interrogation, The Colony expertly explores the mutability of language and art, the triumphs and failures inherent to the process of creation and preservation.”
— RAVEN LEILANI, author of 'Luster'
“The Colony is a vivid and memorable book about art, land and language, love and sex, youth and age. Big ideas tread lightly through Audrey Magee’s strong prose.”
— SARAH MOSS, author of 'The Fell'
“The Colony is brimming with ideas about identity and soul; a canny, challenging, and never less than engrossing read.”
— LISA MCINERNEY, author of 'The Rules of Revelation'