“The Colony: so brilliant in its quiet tragedy, so revealing in its precision. It haunts me.”

— TSITSI DANGAREMBGA, author of 'This Mournable Body'

“The Colony is a vivid and memorable book about art, land and language, love and sex, youth and age. Big ideas tread lightly through Audrey Magee’s strong prose.”

— SARAH MOSS, author of 'The Fell'
“Intelligent and provocative . . . What a relief it is to find a novel that treats the reader as a grown-up, that is fresh without chasing literary fashion, provocative but not shouty, and idiosyncratic but fully satisfying from the strange comedy of its opening pages to its decisive conclusion . . . The Colony contains multitudes — on families, on men and women, on rural communities — with much of it just visible on the surface, like the flicker of a smile or a shark in the water.”

“Austere and stark… a story about language and identity, about art, oppression, freedom and colonialism. The Colony is a novel about big, important things.”

— Financial Times

‘The Colony’ is Book of the Month

— Hatchard's, Piccadilly, London

“Magee is in control of every marvellous word. Her descriptions of a beautiful stretch of land within a beautiful but treacherous ocean are as dazzling as the sun-speckled glints on the ocean itself.”

— The Sunday Independent

“The Colony is a novel of outstanding resonance, with a portray of language in a post-colonial landscape that is both masterful and subtle.”

— The Sunday Business Post

“Magee’s involving and original novel considers questions of imperialism, ownership, power and exploitation on both a grand scale and an intimate one, obliquely and head-on . . . there is droll humour, too, and the whole is animated by her characters’ often entertaining back-and-forth.”

— Daily Mail

“The Colony offers beguiling insights into what it means to be the colonised and the coloniser and is a subtle portrait of character and place… beyond this, Magee’s delicate transporting novel is an impressive celebration of the need for connection.”

— Independent, Books of the Month